simple design for saree[synthetics] painting.

this is a very simple design for saree painting.just free hand usage.light colour plain sarees [one sold for making embroidery will suit more]like wbiege,ivory,vanilla shades look the best.use bold clours for flowers.just apply the paint without mixing water,on the cloth free handed using extended dot stroke for flowers and and leaf stroke.the paint would smudge if the brush has too much watch out!complete the entire area of design,and do not disturb the saree,it will spoil the design.decorate centre with artificial stones! the asymmetry of the design would be natural to look at if it is seen scaterred all over the saree.

symmetry in this design makes it look like a curtain cloth!but creator wants so then go ahead and make a saree painted with ur own hand!!!

note:pallu design can be done with big flower bunches,surrounded by small ones in a circular pattern.