Saranya Vijay Rajan's House Full Golu 2014

This year,we have displayed a HOUSE FULL GOLU with multiple Themes.

Room 1:

1) 4 Directional/Dimension Step Golu-Steps made out of carton boxes & dolls kept on all 4 sides
We used 22 carton boxes to build a 5 step Gopuram step Golu & have placed dolls on 4 sides with each step having a significance -Krishna Leela on step1 till Sakkarathazhvar & Narasimhar on last step in the top facing both sides on East/West.

2)Depiction of Kasi( Ganges,rituals,temples) & Rameshwaram( Pamban bridge,train track on sea,temple & people around)-Shetradanam
Rameshwaram bridge ,train track on the sea with train running between Mandapam & Rameshwaram & temples/ in Kasi ,steps on the Ganges river,Kasi Vishwanathar Temple,other buildings are depicted & we have shown a section of these two places where people take holy bath in the Ganges/Rameshwaram Sea/Wells inside temple & perform rituals.

3) Graha Lakshmi Kolam
Kolam drawn & decorated with glittering stones & jewellery ,took two days to complete the kolam.


1) Bhakthi Kudil- Tamil Saints & those who played a major role in Bhakthi Margam & Tamil Poets
From Nalvargal,12 Alwars, 18 Siddhargal ,Ovvayar to Bharathiyar ,those who contributed to Bhakthi Movement in Tamilnadu & those who were born/lived in Tamilnadu.

2) Tamil Kadavul-Murugan ,Valli Thirumanam Story-with hand decorated dolls( 6 scenes from Valli's birth to Murugan Valli Marriage)
All dolls were hand decorated & the 6 scenes were customized ,in a mountain backdrop with waterfalls.( 1)Valli's Birth,2)Valli praying to Murugar,3)Valli in crop field,4)Murugan teasing Valli as a hunter,becomes a Tree when her father Nambi Rajan comes to give her food,4)Takes an old man form & teases/asks Valli to marry him ,5)Vinayagar as an elephant chases her,as per Murugar's request, & Valli requests the old man to rescue her 6)Finally after this short Thiruvilayadal Murugan marries Valli ) .

3) Raja Raja Cholan Story-he visiting Tanjore Periya Kovil,when it was built .Audio background from the movie "Raja Raja Cholan is played & handmade Temple/Palace is used for the story.
Raja Raja Cholan starts from his palace & visits the Big temple when it was built with his family & huge Yanai/Kudirai padai follows him.Audio played from the movie-Raja Raja Cholan in sync with this scene,where people work in the temple premises & Sirpi works on the Nandi Silai.

These 3 themes are a contribution to TAMIL & are based on Bhakthi Saints,Tamil Mythology Story( Kandha Puranam) & a scene from Tamil History.

Room 3: Sorgalogam

Traditional Step Golu decorated with clouds,stars & in a heavenly atmosphere with Sorga Vasal
The room is closed with Sorga Vasal( handmade door ,decorated with Gold colour sheets etc).After showing all themes,the door is opened & the Golu visitors are taken into Sorga Logam room ,where the traditional Golu is set in a heaven like atmosphere,with clouds,stars,lights & OM chanting mantra backdrop.

We also have placed welcome dolls in the balcony & hand decorated Goddess in first floor ,Pl find attached the photos.

The entire Kolu work started in early July'14 & we started assembling the themes from August'14.Golu is kept in all rooms(except Kitchen & Bedrooms).

Thanks to IKOLAM for conducting such contests to encourage us ...


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:crown: :crown: :crown: :crown: Lakshmi kolam very beautiful. simply superb

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looks grand

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Beautiful creation

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Excellent and very grand especially the rangoli is very pretty and kudos to your effort Smile

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V happy to hear from u all,thanks a lot

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Thanks friends,u all gv me lot of motivation,tanq

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Excellent & Grand Golu. Each theme is nicely setup. nice collection of beautiful golu dolls! Smile

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Thanks meenaji

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very Grand....Goddess Rangoli has come out too good
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Beautiful! Painstaking effort.