Saptha Shreyas - Thematic Golu (2011 Navaratri Golu Contest)

'Spatha Shreyas' is the theme what we have chosen. Apart from the usual 9 Padikattu Golu, we have set up 18 different artefacts that highlights the importance of number 7.
Since this being our first thematic Golu, we wanted to start it with humble prayer to Lord Ganesha. As a mark of respect we have kept 108 Ganesha Idols in an unique place - The Eeshanya Mula, of our house and also named this corner as 'Ashtotra Shatha Ganapathihi'. Lord Ganesha is Ketu's master and Ketu takes the number 7!! Incidentally, 7 is the birth number of our head of the family, thus we narrowed on the theme 'Saptha Shreyas' .
Adding to the 108 Ganesha's we have shown:
7 colours of the rainbow
7 phases of the Moon
7 days of the week along with their respective planets
7 major metals
7 Indian Currency which are in circulation now (Rs. 5,10,20,50,100,500 and 1000)
Saptha Chakras
7 Sands of United Arab Emirates
7 stages of a man (according to the poet, William Shakespeare, in his poem 'Seven Ages of Man')
Saptha Dweepa
Saptha Thandava
Saptha Lokas (heaven and hell)
One must note that, all these are inalienable even if we take 7 janmas!

Our whole family has worked with a lot of dedication and we have learnt a lot by exploring the importance of number 7.We would love to share our 1st thematic golu with you.
The best thing about our Golu is that, we have created wealth from waste and used things that are eco-friendly.



vijaysowmya's picture

Nicely arranged golu. Nice write up tooexplaining the importance of the no 7. all the best for the contest.

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nice kolu and beautiful write up.....All the best

veena manigandan's picture

Nice theme and supporting writeup is informative. A closer view would have helped to see the depiction better.

rajee sriram's picture

I think we would enjoy seeing if it would had been taken in the closer shot.

ammuchandhini's picture

Lovely golu..nice write-up...all d best...:)

smahalakshmi's picture

Wow, very interesting write up about the making of your Golu. My Birth number is also '7' and ofcourse, I know something about the importance of number 7. it is a highly spiritual number. Even Jesus birth number is also 7.
Very neatly arranged and decorated Golu. I would like see those 108 Ganesha idols and pictures of your theme (highlighting the importance of number 7). Can you please share those pictures, if you have.
All the best and keep it up.

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Intersting write up about golu.
Like to see all the portion bit by bit.
Totally here it is nice.

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Very unique theme and nice write up. Makes me want to see the entire golu. Please upload all the photos. Good luck for the contest.

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wow nice golu with different theme all the best.

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wow very grand golu! all the best!

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nice arrange golu with good theme...!!!all the best...!!!!

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your explanation is very interesting... and the separate, separate small golu's are nice... all the best..

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Wow it is so interesting to read all that you have written but I feel if you had taken two photos and submitted it would have been wonderful.

Lata's picture

That's quite a big research on the number 7! Wish you had uploaded one more picture possibly a close-up of the Golu for us to have enjoyed it even more. Perhaps next time. Smile
I can still lovely mountain setup, and nice decor overall.
Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest.
Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. Smile

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Thanks Lata,Shall keep your suggestion in mind. For sure you'll get a clear pic of my golu next time.

Srimathi Sethuraman's picture

Hello Everybody,

Thanks a lot for the wishes.The site actually restricted me to upload just two pictures, I could not show the entire set up in just 2 photos.I would love to share the other pics,since am new to ikolam, i am still learning as to how to upload and where to upload the others. If one of you could help me, i shall upload them asap.


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Please use the "Upload - Photo" menu from the main menu to share other golu pictures. There are no restrictions in the number of pictures you could share. Thank you.

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Very nice to see a thematic golu.
Would love to see them in detail. This is the best way to educate our children and learn ourselves too.