Radha-Krishna Diwali Rangoli

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This is the first time I am uploading a rangoli in this site. I am usually the visitor of this site admiring all the beautiful rangolis and the talents. Thought I will try something this time. I copied this design from a paint and used colored sand for the rangoli powder. Hope you all enjoy it. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.


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simply superb one and gud

simply superb one and gud one. Crown

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wow really beautiful one and

wow really beautiful one and gud one.

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Thanks for you input Lata.

Thanks for you input Lata. You are right that green does look bright. Next time I will try lighter shade Smile

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Beautiful! The main

Beautiful! The main characters and the surrounding scenery looks awesome. The way you have presented the rangoli, as a mat with lighted diyas around the edges makes it more special.
Since you had asked for improvements, I would like to point out something that may be made differently next time. The bright leaves shown as a backdrop to the main characters tend to compete for attention (from Meera/Krishna). Maybe a duller shade of green could have worked better. I love Meera's gaze. Smile
Thank you for participating in this contest.

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Simply awesome!! Looks like a

Simply awesome!! Looks like a real rajasthani painting spread out!! thanks for this visual delight!!

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wow...amazing, looks like a

wow...amazing, looks like a drawing

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nice art.

nice art.

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superbly painted

Star superbly painted carpet....looks great all the best

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Lovely carpet, beautifully

Lovely carpet, beautifully drawn and coloured

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Intricate design wonderfully

Intricate design wonderfully made.. All the best Smile

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Thank you all so much!!

Thank you all so much!! SMahalakshmi, yes you are right. I love this site and this group and so you will see mee more interactive Smile

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Beautiful rangoli Jana It

Beautiful rangoli Jana Smile It looks like a Rajasthani painting. The colour combination is fabulous and the diyas add to the beauty. After Sandeep sir's Peacock and Hen rangoli, this is another rangoli which has captivated me. All the best Jana.

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Fabulous presentation, Jana

Fabulous presentation, Jana Kannan. Wonderful. Each and every aspect of your rangoli looks nice. Nice colour combo. We don't want you to simply admire the kolams submitted over here, but we also want you to interact with us on regular basis through commenting session and regularly upload your artistic works for us to enjoy.
ALL THE BEST. By participating in the contest, you are already a winner.

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Wonderful rangoli.Looks like

Wonderful rangoli.Looks like canvas painting.

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Very beautiful.

Very beautiful.

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Excellent work!

Excellent work! Unbelievable!Great work...keep going.

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looks like a painting, good

looks like a painting, good work Star

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amazing jana.

amazing jana.

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Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your encouragement!! Umaraja, yes I will participate more from now..

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Excellent ...........All the

Excellent ...........All the best! Star

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looks like a painting, good

looks like a painting, good work

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Beautiful work. Intricate and

Beautiful work. Intricate and complex. The colouring is done so nicely.

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Excellent work.. No words to

Excellent work.. No words to describe its beauty.. Nice usuage of colours and lovely presentation.

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Awesome dear .what a

Awesome dear .what a prettyradha-krishna dear.All the best

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awesome rangoli looks

awesome rangoli looks beautiful....!!!!all the best....!!!!Smile

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excellent work.very beautiful

excellent work.very beautiful rangoli.All the best.

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Lovely presentation... of the

Lovely presentation... of the radhai - krishna rangoli.... best of luck..

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wonderful colouring!lamps add

wonderful colouring!lamps add more beauty Smile

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Looks like a painting work.

Looks like a painting work. So well done. all the best.

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wowwwwwww looks amazing,, i

wowwwwwww looks amazing,, i would feel more glad if u submit ur works regularly and participate in d commenting session,, this carpet looks awesome, waiting to see ur further submissions
all d best

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Wow it looks no less than a

Wow it looks no less than a painting to me, excellent work, lovely choice of colors Shock

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It looks like a painting.

It looks like a painting. Very beautiful. ALL THE BEST.

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WOW...very neatly made

WOW...very neatly made rangoli...d cols r so natural and d lamps adding more beauty...all d best...Smile

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wow looks like a painting!

wow looks like a painting! all the best!