Navratri 2014

Let today's children who are all responsible citizens of tomorrow know what is what!

We have given the titles which are self explanatory. Our Golu is mainly kept to promote our values in the minds of children

1.Festivals of Tamilnadu

Nowadays most of our people, particularly Brahmins settled abroad because of their less opportunities they get due to reservations
etc.Their children who are all living in a different society have no opportunity to know our festivals.

2. Deiva dharisanam

To know different gods with their stories and their temples

3. Children Corners in INDIA.

Tales by our grandmas have become extinct. children miss their proximity to grand parents due to parents' relocation.

4. Our village atmosphere. Those who live in cities physically, can live in villages as their dream life.

5. Namma veettu kalyanam.

Nowadays though most of the people say that they dont have caste discrimination but search for the betterhalves of their children only in their own community.
also the children should be taught about our values of marriage etc.

to stress our values we kept this golu in an elaborate way I should say as nowadays we have space constraints.


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you have put in a lot of effort to decorate. hats off

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Well done

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Well thought and well arranged golu and nicely presented with proper titles Smile

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very nice in a elaborate way

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Gorgeous golu, lovely little themes and incredible pictures! Well done! Smile

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Wow elaborate golu very nice

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Excellent Golu! Very well themed and elaborately presented, bringing out the now-fading traditional culture in our younger generations.. Smile

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Beautiful Kolu

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Superb! so many themes and very nicely presented.

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excellent :star: :star: :star:

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Excellent themes and decorations Smile

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Dirol cool ..It has everything a traditional golu needs to have ....You have tried to cover all the concepts that all the kids needs to know about the importance of golu .It is sel-explanatory ....Wish you all the best to win in this contest