Navaratri Golu Contest 2011

Dear all,

This year we have displayed several Themes apart from the Traditional Step Golu & the Golu is spread over 2 spacious rooms in 2 floors at our residence.


Lord Krishna learnt 64 Arts from Sandeepani Muni & we have displayed the 64 Art forms ( which was prevalent during those days) with lots of hand decorated / made dolls & articles prepared at home.

We have displayed the 16 Selvamgal -"PATHINARUM PETRU PERU VAZHVU VAZHGA" with customized dolls & the meaning of each SELVAM is depicted in our Golu.

Sangam Landscape/Geography was categorized as Kurinji,Mullai,Marutham,Neythal,Palai & we have shown the Landscape,God worshipped during those days,People/their Occupation & the animals in those regions.

We printed Huge Banners for - Meenakshi Amman Temple Background to display 3 Devigal ( we made Sulam,Veenai at home & decorated the dolls,one was purchased & 2 dolls were homemade) & 1000 Khal Mandapam backdrop for Pillayar,Murugan,Sakarathazvar sannadhi .We converted a 1 feet doll( lady face –Plaster of Paris doll) into a Kovil Gurukkal ( the doll was kept on top of a empty Gas Cylinder & hands were stitched & attached mustache/beard to give it a masculine appearance!).
We also have depicted Mahabalipuram /Farm House & Chettiar Super Market where he sells Vegetables,Fruits & runs a Juice Shop,Sweet Shop & Home Appliances shop with the help of his wife in the Kids Corner & Dancing Krishna Kolam.

We decided the Themes in the Mid of April 2011 & we started collecting dolls,materials for making dolls depending on our requirement & printed Banners,after searching a lot in the web-for our main Themes & ceiling/wall decoration was done with colorful Thoranams,Thombai to create a Divine atmosphere in the Golu Room.The entire Golu spanning across 2 big rooms/floors was arranged with the help of my Husband-who shared the Idea for all the Themes in our Golu,he helped me completely in arranging the dolls,making the dolls,preparing materials/name boards etc etc.

My Mother in Law,Mom, 80 year old Grandmother helped me in arranging the Golu,Dancing Krishna Kolam,Kasu Malai/doll decoration respectively.
Special Thanks to my 3 ½ year old Daughter Srushtika without her co-operation, this would have not been possible.
Thanks to IKolam for giving us this opportunity.Have attached few photos & couldn't accomodate all Photos of our Themes in our Golu.

Saranya Vijay Rajan


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Overall a very detailed and beautiful set up. I appreciate all your pains and patience in bringing this Golu into a grand success one, right from the stage of planning to complete execution. a very good team effort.
All the themes that you have selected here are all an unique one. Good choice of themes. But I think it would be more meaningful to us to understand, if u could upload a closer view of the pictures for each theme. I'm unable to see where is the 64 arts set up / 5 thinnaigal / 16 selvangal from this big pool. Please upload seperate pictures for us in the cafe / crafts section so that we can enjoy it fully.
Good presentation. All the best. Keep it up.

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Thanks Mahalakshmi.You have taken time to view & appreciate all Golus..
I am not able to show the other themes-since,I was not able to cover all depictions in few photos ,as we have kept Golu in 2 rooms.

Really appreciate the effort taken to share feedback & Thanks once again.

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beautiful kolu and write up...looks grand....All the best

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Thanks a lot Lakshmi.

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Very nice and informative theme.

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Thanks Veena.

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Good efforts put in.

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Hi Rajee,

Thanks for the comments..

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Thanks for the great feedback & support Friends.
2 photos were uploaded,the first one is the Traditional step Golu & the second photo is the 64 Kalaigal.


Home-cafe-culture-Golu-Saranya Vijay -Golu 2011

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Wow...such a huge golu...very neatly arranged...all d best:)

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Hi Ammu,
Thanks a lot ...

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looks pleasant and shows ur interest in golu,, saranya iam more interested to watch ur remaining fotos, kindly upload in d cafe section for us to enjoy,,, all d best dear

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Sure Uma..will do...Thanks a lot..

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Home-cafe-culture-Golu-Saranya Vijay -Golu 2011


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Please take a look at Rangoli of the day, in the front page. Smile

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What a well explained detail golu. Really a huge and grand one. So patiently and beautifully done. This shows your interest and the effort you have put in for setting up this golu. All the best for the contest.

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WoW!! What a collection and what an effort!! Would love to see your entire golu

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wow ... such a grand golu with nice arrangements all the best..

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wow very grand golu! all the best!

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Simply Superb kolu arrangement Saranyaji. Beautiful and lovely arrangement of 64 kalas etc. All the best.

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very beautifully arranged golu.....!!!!all the best...!!!!

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i like it very much your brief explanation... beautiful arrangements of golu.... teh photo snaps are good... All the best..

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Wow such a wide spread of dolls, I love the entire look of this. The bottom one looks like mela setup. Very very beautiful.

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I'm so happy to know that all four generations from your family got to help you in decorating your Golu. A lovely display indeed! I especially liked the fact that you have a good amount of space between your village-scene doll-sets. It makes it appear more natural. You also seem to have a lot of beautiful hangings.

It is because of your request, from next year onwards, we've decided to allow more pictures (minumum 5 )per participant. Thanks for bringing a welcome change for Navratri theme in our site. More pictures to enjoy.

Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest.
Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. Smile

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Thanks Friends ...

It was my pleasure to get feedback from so many wellwishers &this gives us lot of motivation...Thanks Latha for taking our feedback & Happy Diwali to all Ikolam Friends...