Navarathri 2014

Navarathri 2014 theme is Pazhamudhircholai. I added a collection of Muruga with Valli and Deivayanai to my collection. On looking more I learnt Pazhamudhircholai is the only place that has Muruga with both his wives and decided on the theme. Being a mother of an autistic child, our hunt for medicines both ancient and current always interest me. Browsing more I learnt Pazhamudhircholai has Tamil Nadu Government Siddha research center. The beautiful hill has lot of medicinal herbs. No wonder the Great Siddha Muruga took that hill as his home. It was also interesting that I placed my Ramayana set of Sanjeevi Hill next to the Pazhamudhir cholai. Ahaligai Sabha Moksham is also new to my kolu this year. The rest of my dolls are arranged in the steps. The three step contains Dashavatharam and Krishna dolls starting from his birth to him being taken across the river and his activities at Gokulam. Hope all of you enjoy my kolu .


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Very nice, All the best !

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Thank you Smile

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nice theme very nicely kept

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Thank you

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Nice all the best

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Thank you

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Thank you

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very nice

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Such a thought full golu. Very beautiful and nicely kept. Every year ur golu is getting better n better.

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very nice

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Very nice arrangement of the golu and nice collection of dolls.:)

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Lovely golu and lovely and informative write-up too. Smile

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Neatly arranged Golu! looks beautiful!

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Very nice!

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neat & beautiful :star: :star: :star:

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Wow neat and elegant Smile

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Thank you Smile

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Very nice arrangement

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Well done