Janaki's Golu and Theme

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Our Golu has a main part to it with 17 steps and a theme or story Golu. The main Golu is made up of 7 steps in the center, 4 to left side, 2+2+1+1 to the right side. The highlight of this year's main Golu is the Ganesha Dashavataram. The 10 avatars in the body but the face is Ganesha. My theme/story Golu this year is Meenakshi Kalyanam. 90% of the cloth dolls in the story are hand made by me. I reused some of the plastic dolls I had decorated last year. I also made a model of Meenakshi temple with packing materials and card board. The story has 11 parts to it. I have tried to upload 2 scenes, the temple and 2 parts of main Golu.


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wow what a fantastic

wow what a fantastic collection of dolls. where did you get the Ganesha dashavataram.. it is interesting.. loved your hand made dolls as well. Awesome work !

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Grand and beautiful golu All

Grand and beautiful golu Smile All the best Smile Smile

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Wow! Very beautiful. The

Wow! Very beautiful. The whole arrangement is simply exotic. Madurai temple is depicted very nicely. All the best. Smile

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Superb Temple is a good

Superb Temple is a good replicate

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Wow Janaki maam, all the

Wow Janaki maam, all the dolls are so beautiful... lovely temple arrangement as well... all the best

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all dolls are very

all dolls are very beautiful.All the best. Smile

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Hi Janaki Excellent Golu.

Hi Janaki

Excellent Golu. Keep rocking like gundodara.

Madurai Temple with dolls are excellent.

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Beautiful golu. Love the

Beautiful golu. Love the cloth dolls, temple, shasta doll and staircase. very colorful and unique Smile

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Lovely collection of dolls

Lovely collection of dolls which are well arranged. Dasavathaara Ganeshas looking cute. All the best and thanks for the link also. Smile

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Beautiful !

Beautiful !

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Thanks All. I have 2 videos

Thanks All. I have 2 videos in You Tube. Kannan's Golu 2012 and Theme Golu 2012 if you are interested in watching the full Golu and the theme along with the rangoli.

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Please post the links here.

Please post the links here. It will be added to your description in this page, after the voting period is over.

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Wow...awesome collections...beautiful arrangement...all d best Smile

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wow fantastic arrangement all

wow fantastic arrangement all the best! Cool

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amazing decoration..temple is

amazing decoration..temple is superb...all the best

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Excellent..All the very best

Excellent..All the very best