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Submitted by radhika64 on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 02:11
Happy Navratri to all! I am enclosing 2 pictures one of the Kolu and the second of the park. The kolu is themed on Golden Heavens with the decor in gold colour, and all the gods and goddesses assembled there. The picture may not not throw the clarity of gold. The park is themed on a Temple procession originating from the temple AND proceeding towards the river, accompanied by the priest, the band and paraphernalia. The props for this entire park are hand made. The village beside the temple is probably not visible in the photo, as we have a limitation of two photos.

Beautifully arranged Golu. i liked the temple procession set up very much. Were those dolls are also hand made by you? Also the pond, ladies taking bath over there, looks so realistic. Was this also hand made? Can you please upload the village set up pictures seperately in the cafe section for us to enjoy? The liked the kailash set dolls very much. All the best. Keep it up.
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thanks. the dolls are not hand made. The trees, house, mountains, river, a small temple pond etc are hand made. couple of other hand made items arent visible in this photograph. most of the dolls are purchased from across various parts of india, when i travel...east or north.
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You seem to have quite a collection of Krishna dolls. Very nicely decorated wedding procession scene. Cute pair of Marapachi dolls dressed in yellow. Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest. Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. :)
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