Golu 2011 - Main Part

This is the Golu I arranged at my mothers place. This year i changed my steps width from 3 ft to 5 ft. So new steps and this has Ashtalakshmi set, Dasavatharam, Three devi, Ramar set, Vaikundam set, Marraige set, temple arrangement, carnatic kutchery set. Also has individual god like Mahavishnu, Annapoorni, Krishna, Muruga, Swami Raghavendra and Sai Baba. I hope you all would like this.


vijaysowmya's picture

Very nice arrangement of the golu. Beautiful themes set up in your golu. That temple set looks very beautiful. You have a nice collection of animals like dinosaur, dolphin etc. All the best for the contest.

lakshmiraghu's picture

very nice arrangement of kolu...All the best

aditya's picture

Nice golu. You seem to have a very large collection of dolls!!All the best! the glass and metal paintings visible in the picture look good too!

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Nice GOLU.

ammuchandhini's picture

Beautiful arrangement...all d best:)

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Wow, very very beautiful golu arrangement. Nice collection of dolls. Liked it very much. For me the main attraction is the Thanjavur thalai aatum bommai in the 4th step from the top. Also liked those cute girls in pink attire with hands on cheek. i use to call it as "Paapa Bommai".
Ur temple set up, Jesus birth set up, park etc etc. everything looks good.
All the best. Keep it up.

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Nobel thought of using all forms of religion here in the Golu, like Jesus, mosque (??) and hindu gods. All the best.

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all the best. Very nice golu. colourful display.

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very nice arrangement! all the best!

viji_j86's picture

very pretty dear.
I like the jesesbirth set, cricket play set.
The centre orange design looks so nice.

Janakannan's picture

I lovu your golu and the theme all religions are equal. The collections are very nice. I like the 2 girls with hands on the chin in the second padi. We used to have 2 boys similar to that when we were young. Brings nostalgic memories

kameswari's picture

All sets - Kolu, garden set, jesus set, temple set are wonderful. All the best.

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beautiful arranged golu....!!!!all the best...!!!!

Nalini Venkatesh's picture

tooo good

ksankara's picture

nice theme...gR8

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Thanks to everyone for your sweet and encouraging comments.

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I'm glad you've participated in our contest Veena. Very nice display, and I enjoyed your nativity set a lot. I have the same thanjavur bommai in sky blue color.

Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest.
Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. Smile

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Congrats veena for being in d top 10 position...:)

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Thanks Lata and Rani mam. Its great to know note that I am in the 10th position. Thanks everyone for voting and appreciating my work.