DIWALI RANGOLI made with flower

Contest entry Diwali rangoli contest - 2014: DIWALI FLOWER Rangoli by darshanamoola


Suguna Murugesan's picture

Beautiful pookalam Smile you did this kolam?? Which place is this?

HEMA MURALI's picture

very nice, symmetrical pookolam Smile

chandy's picture

Very beautiful poo kolam and the big lobby enhances the beauty of the kolam!!The happy diwali in poo also super!

Manjuladg's picture

Very Preety, all the best.

anirudh's picture

very nice symmetry...and beautifully done...... :star: :star: :star: all the best

aarchi's picture

Beautiful flower carpet. All the best


No Words to describe... Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile ...

sharmilraj's picture

Fantastic floral kolam! Good luck!

vijaysowmya's picture

Very beautifully spread flower carpet Smile All the best Smile

Chethan Srinivasan's picture

Excellent pookolam done with very good colour combination of flowers.

rajamma_2's picture

Darshanamoolaji, whether it is a colourful rangoli, freehand design or flower pookkolam all your creations are excellent, I love all your kolams. Here this huge pookkolam with colourful flowers is done very neatly with good symmetry. Fantastic work. Smile all the best.

lakshmiraghu's picture

Beautiful flower carpet...... All the best

Lata's picture

What a pretty flower carpet this is! Lovely pookalam! Smile

Thank you so much for participating in the Rangoli contest. And we look forward to seeing more of your wonderful artworks in the future. Smile

dibbutn's picture

What an awesome pookolam... really good... all the best