DeepaavaLi 2012 - Diwali Contest

Submitted by anirudh on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 20:16
Simple freehand design with Kalash representing goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on his mushaka vahana. Could not add much decorations due to time & space constraints. Happy DeepaavaLi

woooooooooooow excellent anirudh,lovely pleasing colours,ganesha's dress,pose mushaka everything perfect.all the best.
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Wow...Very pretty rangoli Anirudh. Gives a feel that you can see Him everywhere around you. Mushaka vahanam has come out very well. :) All the best.
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Awesome Anirudh.The rays n the diyas are the highlights of this kolam.Small suggestion,If u wd hv used black /cofee brown backdrop,the body of the Ganesha would be highlighted even more.
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Oh! Nice imagination. The rays..... That adds the beauty. The kalash is nice idea. Mooshika is waiting for the result?????????????? viji
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thanks soo much for all the inspirational comments. yes Sowmya ma'm, i love him soo much... many a times i get scoldings from all as i choose to pick/draw/make him in whatever form he is available :) vijayathi ma'm ...thanks for the suggestion, surely will give it a try and see atleast in my PS version. ...this time i got some nice eco-friendly holi-colors done by Tihar inmates-Antarkranthi project which were sold during Holi at work by an NGO. though they sold for Holi, I boguht them for rangoli :) has plesant aroma too. viji ma'm ...mooshaka is also waiting for his moodak share :)
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Very nicely done divine ganesha on mooshika. Nice rays - differently thought and nicely executed. good kalasam. All the best. :)
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Anirudh even with less time and space you have done an excellent job... the outcome is simply superb... Ganeshji has come out really good and i love the smile on ganeshji's vahana :bigsmile: ... all the best to you.
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Wonderful Ganesha on the mooshika! Anirudh, I appreciate your freehand drawing skill. Great that you use eco friendly colours. The kalash depicting Lakshmi pooja and the rays of light are adding the beauty.Nice idea! :)
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So now we get to know why you always picked Ganesha! Ganesha looks so natural with his vahana, and his vahana also looks equally majestic. It must have been hard to find the time to make this rangoli during the celebrations. Showing the Kalash on one side to the whole arrangement is a good idea. Also, the minimal use of the darker share of red lifts up the entire design to a whole new dimension. Thanks so much for participating! And my hearty congratulations for being the only male participant, who actively participates when ever time permits. :bigsmile: :beer: :party:
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