Dasara Golu from USA

Submitted by rk on Thu, 10/13/2011 - 11:06
Here are my two pics of Dasara 2011 at our home in USA. This is the first time ever I am sharing pics with folks outside of my family. Hope you like them. PS: I wish we could upload at least 3-4 pics :)
Very nice Golu arrangement. It is really a good thing to know that even outside India, we are able to keep up with our traditions. Thanks for sharing your golu picture with us. Each and every arrangment looks fantastic. I have one doubt. I think, you need to have odd number of steps in one stretch. Here you have arranged, 4 steps in one side and three steps seperately, altogether making it into 7 steps. Can we keep like that? What I mean is can we keep 4 steps seperately in one stretch? Just for knowledge gaining I'm asking this. All the best. Keep it up.
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Dear smahalakshmi, you are very observant :) I don't mind you asking at all. You are right that we have to keep odd number of steps, I was not sure if I could keep them separately or not. I just had to take a decision because it's the first time I am setting up in our new basement and the planks etc I had used upstairs had to fit in this new space! I will plan better next time. Also, I kinda feel like I kept 9 steps since I have two separate ones on either side of Saraswathi and I counted Saraswathi step as a separate one. May be I am making myself feel better by thinking like that but will give it more thought to the arrangement next time. Thank you for taking the time to write.
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beautiful mysore dasara....All the best
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veena manigandan
Very nice arrangement. All your tiny steps are nice.
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EXCELLENT GOLU CELEBRATION from USA.... Saraswathi is very Clever ... settigs are too good.... all the best....
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Fine kolu dear. One more appreciation that You made this kolu at Abroad. carrying over our tration is very much appreciatable. viji
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Dear viji_86, thank you for your appreciation. Yes, I feel that we have to keep up our traditions so that our foreign born children get to know our culture too. I left India a long time ago as a teenager but India has never left me :)
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Very neat and beautiful arrangement of golu...all d best:)
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A very very beautiful arrangement of the dolls. Looks neat. All the best for the contest.
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Beautiful arrangement. I like the backdrop of Mysore Palace and Mahishasura from Chamundi Temple. Where did you get those tiny dolls (the halebid/Belur carvings ) at the bottom of the Sarawathi doll. I had seen them years back in India but have never been able to find them again.
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Hello Janakannan, I bought those Belur/Halebid carvings a few years ago but I can't remember where in India, I am sorry! I think I may have bought them in Mysore Dasara exhibition that was going on one time I was visiting India. Sorry I can't remember more details about them.
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Suguna Murugesan
very nice arrangement! all the best!
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Nalini Venkatesh
blooming lotus looks very pretty
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Neat and beautiful arrangement of dolls. All the best.
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Anisha Raghunath
very nice golu....!!!all the best...!!!!
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Looks very nice. It would be really nice if you could upload a closer view of the golu for us to enjoy in the cafe I suppose later on when you are free. I am sure Lata would not mind that.
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cute golu,that too abroad. It is glad to know that whereever we are , we keep up our tradition. All da very best.
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Marapachi dolls set at the top step look royal, and placing them against such a backdrop was a clever idea. :) Lovely setup of Saraswati with pair of lotuses on the side. I also liked your arch-artifact shown on the kalash. A lovely display indeed. Please feel free to upload more views of these displays in our site, when time permits. From next year onwards, let's have our members upload atleast 5. Thanks for participating in our Navratri contest. Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali. :)
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