Ashram or Stages of life Kolu

The kolu is based on the theme of “Ashrama” or stages in human life as per Hinduism.

Step 1 from below – Brahmacharya (Student life) – Seen below from left to right – A boy and girl praying in front of a temple, a girl and boy studying, a boy on a rocking horse, two kids on a slide, 3 girls dancing, a bicycle and a cricket scene.

Step 2 & 3 – Grihastha (Household life) – Seen below from left to right – Sadhya eating at a wedding and a Wedding scene.

Seen below from left to right – A woman drawing water from a well, a market scene with a man selling pumpkins, a man making pottery, a man stitching clothes, a man making bricks, a couple selling fruits, two women pounding flour, a woman on a sewing machine, an wardrobe with clothes and wooden vessels.

In the back is a pair of wooden dolls called Marapachi which are an indispensable part of every Kolu and most often the dolls are passed on from one generation to another.

Step 4 – Vanaprastha (Retired life)- Seen below from left to right – An old couple with a priest in front of a temple, Naradar

Sanyasa (Renounced life) – Seen below from left to right – Budha, Mira Bai, Mahatma Gandhi and Shirdi Sai baba.

Steps 5,6 and 7 – Various gods which is usually kept in any traditional Kolu


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Nice concept....

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