Margazhi Kolam

Hello Lata and Fellow Friends, This is my 2018 Margazhi First Day rangoli, began with God Sri Ganapathy's Blessings. Wishing You ALL Happy Margazhi 2018-2019.

Margazhi is not only one coming,my rangolis too!!

These are Margazhi Rangolis of 2016-17. My apartment corridor has a green granite flooring with a yellow design inbetween. So when i make nice rangolis the design will spoil the kolam. Last year Navarathri I started sticking a plain laminate sheet matching the granite colour during special rangoli days. That gave a nice background for my kolams. As these were before the kolams don't stand out well. But still sharing them.The genre for 10 days of Margazhi was Chikku kolam with wet rice flour and after drying adding some colour to boost up

This is a freehand rangoli.

Chikku Padi Kolam from my Margazhi Kolam 2017-18.

Freehand mandala with colours from my margazhi kolams

Rangoli with floral design from my Margazhi collection

For Margazhi 2017-18, just for variety I decided to draw a genre every week. THe first week was dotted simple kolams. As we stay in an apartment we have space restriction so have made small and colourful dotted rangolis for the first week


Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: FREE HAND RANGOLI by sumithrasrinivasan

Rangoli: Marghazhi Day 10: Christmas tree kolam

Happy Christmas friendsRangoli Freehand Rangoli: Marghazhi Day 10: Christmas tree kolam by Kavitha Lakshmi