Intermediate rangolis

Kolam and Rangoli share their commonality with the sand art of the native indians of America. A very complex physical and mathematical three dimensional exersise in bifurcation curve is involved in the kolam composition making it a highly evolved art from of Physics! These patterns are a bit bigger and challenging than those seen in the easy and simple catagory.

Rangoli: 2017-New Year

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: 2017-New Year by JANANI RAGHAVAN

Rangoli: 2017-Onam-1

Rangoli Pookalam with plastic flowers and white powder peacock: 2017-Onam-1 by JANANI RAGHAVAN...

Rangoli: 2017-Onam-2

Rangoli pookalam: 2017-Onam-2 by JANANI RAGHAVAN

Rangoli: 2017-Pongal

Rangoli Colour powder rangoli: 2017-Pongal by JANANI RAGHAVAN

Rangoli: Day-25 Margazhi Kolam

Rangoli 1-13-1 Straight line dots: Day-25 Margazhi Kolam by RaghaRadha

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: 2017-Raghavan Mam's 50th wedding aanniversary by JANANI RAGHAVAN

Rangoli: 2017-Rakshabandhan

Rangoli Colour powder rangoli: 2017-Rakshabandhan by JANANI RAGHAVAN

Rangoli: 2017-Republic day

Rangoli Colour powder rangoli: 2017-Republic day by JANANI RAGHAVAN

Rangoli: 2017-Shivratri-2

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: 2017-Shivratri-2 by JANANI RAGHAVAN

Rangoli: 2017-Shivratri-1

Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: 2017-Shivratri-1 by JANANI RAGHAVAN