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Hello friends, my second post for the day...Kindly share your views...Thank you! This is also a plain white creation with the basic dotted kolam being a common one (5-1,idukku pulli).Rangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): Karthigai special white beauty_2 by gvpriya

Simple, white dotted kolam as an offering to Thiru AnnamalaiyarRangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): Karthigai special white beauty by gvpriya

Hi Friends,
Hope you all are doing great :D

I put this kolam on a Thai Velli. Please share your views


I had put this kolam for a grahapravesam function. In the little space available, I managed to squeeze in a few strokes!

Your views please....:-)

I put this kolam for Kanda Shashti. Please share your views... Thanks, Priya.

Hello dear friends, this is a very simple padikolam.

Please share your comments:-)


I had put this kolam for Deepavali...hope you all like it. I like the concept of this kolam- sangu for Vishnu, ahal vilakkus for the "festival of lights" and poo design that further adds to its beauty.

Eagerly waiting to hear your opinion...


Hello dear friends,
Another Friday kolam awaiting your comments!