Rangoli: B'day dedication kolam
Rangoli: rangoli
Rangoli: rangoli
Rangoli: dotted kolam
Rangoli: Padi kolam
Rangoli: Joy of Feast

This is the fall of festival

Rangoli: dotted fish kolam is a dotted fish kolam.this kolam drawn with sketch.ur comment pls.

Rangoli: rangoli is a freehand kolam for ur views.comment pls.

Rangoli: circular rangoli is a circular rangoli for ur views.comment pls.

Rangoli: rangoli is a different freehand kolam.ur comment pls.

Rangoli: freehand rangoli

Hi, here is a freehand rangoli for urgent views.

Rangoli: freehand rangoli

hi.a freehand rangoli for ur views.this is the first time i tried this type of kolam.comment pls Smile Smile

Rangoli: padi kolam

a coloured simple padi kolam for ur virws.