Amirtha Thanam

Rangoli: flowers

This was done in margazhi month days. It took 1 hour.

Rangoli: nature

this kolam took 1 hour.

Rangoli: BIRD
This rangoli was published on 2013-03-08.
Rangoli: Goddess Lakshmi

This kolam was done with kolam powder. It took 11 hours.

Rangoli: Birds

it was done with colour powder, and took 1hr.

Rangoli: Samayapuram mari amman

Hi ... here is Samayapuram Mari Amman in Rangoli!
Smile eager to know ur comments...

Rangoli: Swami Manikandan

swami Manikandan which i made in one fine Pongal day...

Rangoli: Roses

one of the rangolis which i used to make in month of marghali.
Tried to give the colour effect to match the Greeting card having a bunch of roses.
Will be happy to know your comments Smile