Rangoli: Rangoli for pariyur amman muthu pallaku by my friend
Rangoli: Rangoli for pariyur amman muthu pallaku
Rangoli: Margazhi last friday
Rangoli: Margazhi Morning
Rangoli: Margazhi Morning
Rangoli: Lovely peacocks by my neighbour
Rangoli: Dotted rangoli

Hai friends, since it was cloudy the picture is not bright, this is one of my dotted rangoli which i had in my rangoli collection note book. Like sowmi i have used the recycled powder, your valuable comments plz...

Rangoli: Rajamma's puzzle rangoli

Just had an attempt on Rajamma's rangoli.....

Rangoli: As usual my friends rangoli which attracted me......

My friends doesn't know that i am uploading the rangolis.....If she saw her rangoli she will be very happy.

Rangoli: A rangoli on a normal day

Hai friends! My rangoli here! Welcoming your dos and don'ts

Rangoli: A simple rangoli for beginners

Hai friends. this is simple rangoli done by me. Since it was a very dark mornign i can't do it perfectly...Any way just want to share...Hurry burry colouring is also done..

Rangoli: My neighbour's Rangoli.

Hello friends This is my neigbour small chikku kolam

Rangoli: My friday rangoli

Hello friends, Welcoming your suggestions

Rangoli: Rangoli on Friday

This rangolis design is taken from sowmya's gallery...Thank you sowmya...