Rangoli: Kartigai Deepam
Rangoli: Divine Om
Rangoli: Vinayagar Chaturthi 2013
Rangoli: Wedding rangoli
Rangoli: pongal-2013
Rangoli: durgashtami

kolam done on durgashtami day to venerate mother durga during navarathri:)

Rangoli: pongal iv

another design that we did on pongal day.

Rangoli: pongal iii

this was our main design on pongal day.which filled our courtyard to welcome the new born year and also the joy of pongal into our home.

Rangoli: pongal-ii

here comes the deity or hero of pongal celebrations.the almighty suryabhagawan.the lord who bless the earth with 'veppam'-heat,brightness,radiance.this was also a side kolam amidst of the main design.A small dedication and in honour of the lord who is visible to our naked eye on a daily basis.

Rangoli: pongal

this is a picture of chandra bhagawan done on pongal day.(a side kolam-a smaller kolam beside the main design)to honour chandran (moon god) who blesses the earth with "thadpam"-coolness:)

Rangoli: karthigai kolam

this rangoli was done on karthigai deepam,total freehand design.a was illuminated with candles on karthigai day.This is a inspirational kolam from one of the ikolam members:)

Rangoli: shiva

kolam done refering to the kolam book that i had with me.the vilvam leaf is my own imagination the rest was according to the kolam book.enjoy namah shivaya Smile

Rangoli: narayana hari narayana

Dirol this kolam was done on varalakshmi pooja for last year.the face of lord narayana.actually this drawing was shown in a children 's colouring book,i juz converted the drawing in the colouring book as kolam and also ;added some details to the face of the lord from my own imagination on varalakshmi pooja.enjoy viewing people :)hari aum namo narayana Smile