Rangoli: golu 2010
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Rangoli: golu 2010

In tamil grammar there are 5 agathinai's depicting 5 types of land,


2.water bodies


4.paddy fieds


Depicted all the above in our golu.

Theme; To attain an inner discipline we have to devote ourselves to god, if a person loves he\she has to preserve his beautiful creation ie. nature. so the outer discipline lies only when protect our environment.The way to reach god is that we have to have inner cleanliness and environmental cleanliness.thence we have to protect this motherly boomi maatha!!!!

Highlights: We have build a Kailash Mala and manasarovar lake which has real time experience of watching it. All the 4 views of Kailash has been covered and would be shown to you lively with a movie CREATED BY US, enhancing the history of the kailash and manasarovar.