Rangoli: golu competition
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Rangoli: golu competition

i am interested in participating in this golu competition. Apart from 7 steps, This year we have chosen “KRISHNA LEELA” as the theme for our golu. The various aspects of Lord Krishna’s leela and stories are depicted in our golu.
It contains:
1. Birth of Lord Krishna in prison
2. River Yamuna makes way for Krishna and Serpent “Sheshnaag” forms an umbrella to save new born Krishna.
3. Lord Krishna stealing the butter
4. Lord Krishna lifting “Govardhanagiri” hill.
5. Nalakubera and Manigreeva Vimochanam.
6. Kaalinga Nardhanam.
7. Dancing with gopikas.
8. Taking away the clothes of gopikas while they bath.
9. Krishna and Radha Kalyanam.
10. Geetha upadhesam.