Rangoli: Tulsi Pooja-2013
Rangoli: Diwali-2014
Rangoli: Casual Doodles
Rangoli: Casual Doodles
Rangoli: Casual Doodles
Rangoli: Ugadi-2012

Ugadi: Marking the beginning of new year...., signifies that we need to accept both joy and sorrow equally....and also marks the beginning of spring season and season of Mangoes....hence I put green and mango as theme....

Rangoli: Sankranthi 2012

No one can beat traditional rangoli as it brings feel of folk and indian culture......

Rangoli: Makara Sankranthi 2012

On the occasion of Makara Sankranthi, I just thought of making this nature related rangoli which is close to the festival theme.

Rangoli: ram navami 2012

Simple rangoli for beginners with finger/ear bud technique and with slight colouring

Rangoli: Tulsi Poojan 2011

This is just an new attempt from previous experienced of rangolis.... Smile

Rangoli: Bali Padyami 2011

This is a simple SB rangoli with no much colours but flowers used is little different.... Smile Hope u all like it

Rangoli: Naraka Chaturdashi 2011

Sanskara Bharthi Rangoli.....did not get any other with area constraint

Rangoli: Vijayadashami 2011

Vijayadashami 2011. Rangoli done after colors been added. Design made by fingers.....simple to do.