Rangoli: Dotted kolam
Rangoli: pongal kolam
Rangoli: beginner kolam.
Rangoli: new year kolam
Rangoli: Margazhi kolam
Rangoli: beginner kolam
Rangoli: Two in one -1

I tried two kolams with same dots of 17-10,interlaced dots.Hope you like.This is the first one.

Rangoli: complement kolam

A small complement kolam for Rani for her sincere ,dedication and enthu on kolam making.

Rangoli: sikku kolam96

I myself created the center design by my little knowledge.

Rangoli: Adi veLLi kolam

Here is my aadi veLLi kolam.

Rangoli: sikku kolam95

How is this? pl share your views.

Rangoli: Digital kolam

some of you ,why ? all of you have seen in some shop"it is not for sale"like this I made this not for learning.After finishing my kolam,sudden current failure spoil my kolam.Alas! I lost my one sikku kolam.I never allow any one interrupted my I begin the design with my knowledge and got this design.As I was tired,I finished my work with this .(Warning:Hopethat I will try the same design and will share you).

Rangoli: sikku kolam94

Hope all of you like this different sikku kolam design.

Rangoli: sikku kolam93

hope you like this sikku kolam.