Rangoli: Happy onam
Rangoli: Ma kolam
Rangoli: Freehand kolam
Rangoli: Kanya kolam

This is a kanya kolam drawn in computer for kanu pongal .


This is a kanya kolam. This is drawn in computer.

Rangoli: Holi kolam

This kolam is for holi. I have made this design in the computer and added some colours .

Rangoli: computer kolam

This is a computer kolam design.

Rangoli: freehand

This is a type of kanya kolam drawn in computer.

Rangoli: Pongal greetings

HAPPY PONGAL TO ALL IKOLAM MEMBERS.This is a freehand kolam greetings.

Rangoli: free hand rangoli

This is a rangoli design drawn in computer.

Rangoli: navarathri kolam

This is the kolam with food grains. This is for Friday on Nvarathri.