Rangoli: regular kolam

this kolam is dotted but after that I just decorated with three lil flowers

Rangoli: freehand rangoli

made the center starcome like satin-finish. how do you like

Rangoli: pongal maa kolam

center design freehand n outer circles dotted ones

Rangoli: pongal rangoli

My daughter Archana did this free hand modern rangoli in her apartment vaasal for pongal. so thought of sharing

Rangoli: pongal rangoli

This one is a free hand rangoli, done by me on 2013 pongal day. Happy pongal to all ikolam members

Rangoli: Happy bogi

bye to colourful margali, on the last day of margali

Rangoli: dotted rangoli

dots from 15 to 1 straight

Rangoli: blue beauty

I did this rangoli today. Inner design is a dotted one. Hope you all like this one.