Rangoli: Mattu Pongal Kolam 1 (Part-2)

The next part of the cow and calf rangoli is here friends

Rangoli: Mattu Pongal Kolam (Part-1)

Usually I drew cow and calf to welcome mattu pongal friends. Since, I didn't shoot this rangoli in one image, I show u as part-1 and part-2. Part-1 is here.

Rangoli: Marhazhi Utsavam day-6

I drew this rangoli on 6th day of Marghazhi friends.

Rangoli: Marhazhi Utsavam day-4

I drew this rangoli on Margazhi 4th day friends. Inspiration my Guruji Laksh.

Rangoli: Rose Garden

Dear friends, Here iKolam is our Rose Garden, and we are the butterflies enjoying our lives by sharing our creations. I dedicate this rangoli to Lata mam and all of our members.
Lata mam, the centre flower is you and we are the butterflies. The roses are our creations.

Dear Laksh, is it enough to send this rangoli image, with my photograph to Dinamalar e-mail address for the kolam contest?
Please tell me.

Rangoli: Elephant

This elephant have been drawn for Pongal celebrations last year friends.

Rangoli: Dog Cartoon

This cartoon also have been drawn for my son friends.

Rangoli: Lion king

My dear friends, I drew this Lion and cub last year for my 3 yr old child. He is very much passion about Lions.