Rangoli: Birthday kolam
Rangoli: Navaratri kolam
Rangoli: Krishna Jayanthi kolam
Rangoli: Aadi Kiruthigai Kolam
Rangoli: Maa kolam
Rangoli: colour rangoli
Rangoli: margazhi rangoli

This is a free hand rangoli.

Rangoli: margazhi kolam

This kolam is free hand kaavi kolam. your comments please!!!!!!

Rangoli: margazhi kolam

This rangoli is drawn on infront of my house.

Rangoli: margazhi kolam

margazhi rangoli 3rd day.

Rangoli: margazhi rangoli

This is free hand rangoli drawn on margazhi month.

Rangoli: margazhi rangoli

Hai friends!

Margazhi rangoli on this friday. your comments please!!!!!!

Rangoli: karthigai deepam rangoliattache

Attached find an another kolam.

Rangoli: karthigai deepam rangoli

Hai my dear friends!

On the occasion of karthigai deepam the kolams attached have been drawn by me in front my house.