Diwali rangoli contest - 2018

Welcome to this year's Diwali rangoli contest. Please comment and share your thoughts. Our best wishes to all of our participants!

Rangolis welcomes our festivals through the vibrant colours .
It spreads the positive energy to everyone and make everyones mood.
This rangoli I made for this Diwali in our apt.
its about 12 feet * 10 feet.
Used colours are rangoli powder.

this is done by using only black and white rangoli powder

A girl is the light of everything

Shiv Rangoli

This Rangoli is made by me, to make this Shiv rangoli I have used all the bright colours to enhance the beauty of Lord Shiv.
I hope all will like this Rangoli
Happy Diwali Smile

Diwali kolam is always colourful.This is a simple square based rangoli

Rangoli 2018

My this year rangoli is of size, 8ft. X 5ft., portraying the image of "Ardhanarishvara", who personifies gender equality by representing the two equal halves of one true self.

Diwali rangoli

Laxmi Pooja Rangoli. Used spoon, bud and fork for the design. Hope all of you like it

kanya kolam for diwali

This is a kanya kolam with rice flour. Maa kolam for diwali day.