This was made out of waste cds by my husband
for the independence day competition best out
of waste in my son's school and he won the second

Crafts : Art from waste-Lord ganesha by abhijith

Crafts Baby doll hand work.: Baby doll with crochet cap & hand work. by revathiilango

Blue Jay, a color-pencils painting, by Surya Kalaimani.

Crafts : Blue Jay by SuriK

drawn by my daughter

drawn by my daughter

Crafts : flowers in glitters by kanchana

Crafts : white swan with paper by kanchana

This was drawn by my son Abhijith...

Crafts : Free hand drawing by abhijith

Drawn and painted by my daughter

Drawn and painted by my daughter

Crafts tom & jerry: drawing by kanchana

This was done by my son Abhijith
who is in grade 3...

Crafts : Paper model of a boydress by abhijith

Its my own creartion with crystal & pearls

Crafts : chain bracelets by rema.ramani

this flower garland string by me. thank u

Crafts : flower garland by rema.ramani