Freehand rangoli with riceflour.

Contest entry Diwali rangoli contest - 2016: Freehand rangoli with riceflour. by Sonu_Appi


sharmilraj's picture

Wonderful, nice strokes

Sri_Maatha's picture

Thanks a lot sharmilraj.

revathiilango's picture

Kolam & colouring both are beautiful :crown:

Sri_Maatha's picture

Nice rangolis and color combo is awesome.

RaghaRadha's picture

very well presented. Smile

ananthiraju's picture

First one is very attractive/colourful ,others are also beautiful,best of luck

chandy's picture

The first rangoli very beautiful!! All others also beautiful

Sri_Maatha's picture

The first rangoli those 2 two pictures are very colorful.All the very best.

Lata's picture

All of your rangolis are fabulous! Great job indeed!

Thank you for participating and best wishes. Smile