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Reply to: Request for kolam design for driveway   15 years 6 months ago

Hi Lata,
I appreciate the creativity and the time you have put into your suggestion. It sure looks very nice and simple enough to implement. I'll tinker with it on a grid paper.

Your idea of checking out Expo is also a good one. Before I posted here, I did visit expo for a medallion instead of the kolam design. As you may know, they are not strong enough to drive over. But a small medallion in the center, as you have suggeted, could work since it's unlikely to a wheel will go over it.

I definitely share your expectation that your posting will inspire more ideas from other readers of this forum.

Just looking at your prolific postings, you seem to be an inspiration behind this forum. Keep up the good work.

Of course, if you have another eureka moment for the driveway design, please post.

Thanks again.


BTW, What's Diya based design? As a male who left India at a young age, I am far removed from Kolam/Rangoli and I'm clueless on terminology Blum 3

Reply to: Request for kolam design for driveway   15 years 6 months ago

Designing a driveway with a kolam or a rangoli pattern is a neat idea! The following design could either be used as a stand alone or inside a red circle. I designed this based on one of the diya kolams:

The flower you see at the center is supposedly a medallion ... those fancy ones which are glassy looking but sturdy enough for a pavement. Home-expo stores has a variety of such medallions (I'm sure you knew that already!).

Let's hope you get many more ideas from our visitors... Smile
Could you please post a photo of your driveway in this forum for all us after the paving work is over.

Thank you.

-- lata