Rangoli: Holi spl rangoli

Hello friends....Happy Holi...hope you like this simple-o-simple sb rangoli done for the spl day...eagerly waiting for ur views Smile

Rangoli: Panguni uthiram spl kolam

Hello friends...this padikolam(originally created by priya varshini) using wet rice-paste is done on the occasion of panguni uthiram...an auspicious day for Lord Muruga...hope you like my first maa-padi-kolam..ur views please Smile

Rangoli: Kaaradayaan nonbu spl kolam

Hello friends....hope you like this freehand rangoli(recently created by priyavarshini) done by me...was in a hurry so couldn't finish d outermost patterns as seen in her version....eagerly waiting for ur views Smile

Rangoli: Maha shivaratri rangoli

Hi friends this is a free hand design drawn for Maha Shivarathri. Smile .....happy shivarathri Smile to all...your views please..

sloka ...

dhyEya: paMchamukhO rudra: sphaTikaamala kaaMtimaan |
vidyuchchabhraasitaraja: shyaamaanyasya muKaani tu |
jaTaavabaddhEMdukala: priyaayuk naagabhUShaNa: |

Rangoli: Happy Doll festival- Hinamatsuri

Happy Hina matsuri friends...Here is a small doll to celebrate the festival in kolam style Blum 3 Smile

Rangoli: Happy Hinamatsuri

Hi this is a free hand design,was drawn in front of thulasi brindhavana..for doll's day...(as breeze was more kolam powder was flying hahah)could not shoot the picture clearly... Sad your views please...

Rangoli: Doll festival rangoli (hinamatsuri)

Hi friends Happy "Hinamatsuri" Biggrin dolls festival in japan. Smile this is dotted rangoli dots:-10 dots 2 rows .... up to 2.straight dots.your views please.


Hi friends happy rathasaptami to all... Smile Ratha Saptami is observed on the seventh day of the shukhla or bright fortnight in the month of Magha. today is a very special day for Hindus who worship Lord Surya.it is corresponding to the English month of Jan-Feb ,when the Sun is in Makara rashi.
this is a free hand design. your views please..

Rangoli: HAPPY VASANTHA PANCHAMI -welcome to spring

Vasant Panchami festival falls on Panchami or 5th day of the Sukhla Paksh (Waxing moon) towards the close of winter, in the month of Jan-Feb and marks the first day of spring or vasant ruthu (season).. some people call this festival Saraswathi Puja. They worship the Goddess Saraswathi on this day.,,,this is free hand design ...drawn for Vasantha panchami...your views please..

Rangoli: Happy Chinese new year

Hi happy Chinese new year Smile This rangoli was drawn for Chinese new year 2013.....your views please.. Smile