Happy Halloween!

Bye bye Diwali and hello Halloween! Happy Halloween everybody! Now that we’re done celebrating Diwali, we can get ready for celebrating Halloween. Every year it occurs on October 31st. Halloween is celebrated in many countries of the world, and most predominantly in countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Indians like us, who live in the States are used to observing Diwali, Halloween and Thanksgiving in the Fall season. The kids have a gala time preparing for Halloween and planning their costumes. In the evening the children have a good time going out for trick-or-treating visiting the houses in their neighbourhood with bags in search of candies. In my home, I jokingly address Trick-or-treat as going for “bhiksham dehi”!!. This year, one of our family member is going to be dressed as a character from the Harry Porter book, and another is going to be a bloody Vampire…I meant a Vampire with a bleeding mouth...or is it the teeth...well, you get the picture...need I say more?