Sankranti Muggu

Rangoli: Lotus-Butterfly Kolam
Created by Sailaja Sharma on 2014-01-09,

This is a classic combination of Lotuses and Butterflies. I am never tired of this combination. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Butterfly Kolam
Created by Sailaja Sharma on 2014-01-09,

Who doesn't like Butterflies? I love them. They are colourful and when we see them flying around, we feel like little children very happy very playful. Don't you agree with me.

I have a very small garden. But many butterflies keep visiting my garden through out the day. Early in the morning during winter, butterflies spread out their wings by clinging to leaves or flowers of shrubs, to dry them(because of dew. Only after the Sun rise well into the sky they become active. So I could take photos of them and study them at close quarters.

Butterflies to me represent colour, happiness, playfulness and joy. So I always love to include them in my Rangolis, embroidery or greeting cards...