Rangoli: 2018- Aadi Velli
Created by JANANI RAGHAVAN on 2018-07-22,

2018- Aadi Velli- Aashada month is Aadi month in tamil, the begining of Dakshiynaya punya kaalam ....All of our festivals begin after this month.

I have tried to draw the weapons of the Universal Mother....She has a Paasha (Noose), Ankusha (Goad), Five flower arrows (Ashoka tree flower, Mango tree flower, Blue and White lotuses and Jasmine flower), and a Sugarcane Bow.... Paasha represents Her power to bind and free obstacles.... Ankusha represents perseverance on the path of spiritual practice (She is able to drive us just like a mahout)....The five Flower Arrows represent our Five Senses and the Sugarcane Bow our mind....

Abhirami Andhaadhi is a set of 100 shlokas in tamil on the Mother Goddess Abhirami....the 85 th shloka talks about Her weapons...

85. பார்க்கும் திசைதொறும் பாசாங்குசமும், பனிச்சிறைவண்டு
ஆர்க்கும் புதுமலர் ஐந்தும், கரும்பும், என் அல்லல் எல்லாம்
தீர்க்கும் திரிபுரையாள் திரு மேனியும், சிற்றிடையும்,
வார்க்கும் குங்குமமுலையும், முலைமேல் முத்துமாலையுமே.

Saw I, in all directions,
And I saw her hands with the Pashangusha,
I saw those five arrows made of flowers,
Followed by bees,
I saw the bow made of sugarcane,
I saw the Goddess Of Tripura,
Who puts an end to my sufferings great,
I saw her narrow hips,
I saw her covered breasts,
Applied with saffron,
And I saw her garland of pearls.

Rangoli: AadiVelli Rangoli
Created by RaghaRadha on 2018-07-20,

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