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Rangoli: Valetines Day (Hand and Sketch version)
Created by GOMATHI_KRISHNA on 2013-02-14,

Friends, this is a hand drawn version of my valentines day kolam. I think it is easy to learn for beginners, so i am uploading it... Smile

Rangoli: Valetines Day
Created by GOMATHI_KRISHNA on 2013-02-14,

Theme for February: Valentine dotted Chikku kolam
Dot grid: even grid of dots
No stray dots allowed (all dots in the grid must be enclosed in the chikku kolam)!

Friends and Lathaji, do u remember this? I have tried this and I hope that I have somewhat achieved in my creation. I thought Andril birds in my mind, but I couldn't get any image of andril birds. This chikku heart and andril birds have 14 straight dots 4 lines, continue both sides and ends with 2. Coloring innum konjam nalla panni irukalamnu thonudhu, but time ilaye pa... Sad

Ur views pls...