Diwali Rangoli Contest :: Voting page

Thanks a lot for all the participants. You blew our expectations away! While we were overwhelmed by the number of entries, we have taken all the entries mailed to us by the deadline. We have excluded some blurry duplicate images. Many of the participants have named their artwork starting with "rangoli" or "kolam". Since all of the entries are either a kolam or a rangoli, we've only included the uncommon titles as far as the names are concerned. Details about entries regarding materials used and the number of dots would be published after the contest is over.

All the entries submitted for the contest have been assembled in this page here. Click on a thumb to view the larger image of the rangoli. Right below the large image view, you will find a five star voting widget. Vote for the rangoli by clicking on the stars.

The vote for a rangoli is based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (5 stars being the "most beautiful" and 1 being "better luck next time!").

The final tally of the votes would take into account the number of votes as well as the no of stars.

Your vote should register immediately. The polls will be open for 3 days. The results will be announced on the 19th of November.

Happy voting! May the best rangolis win!!