Veggie-patch rangolis

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The veggie-patch rangolis are published. There are three unclickable tags in the veggie patch for the following names; Lata (onion), Anirudh (cucumber), Rajam (bittergourd), Diya (fruits), and Rajitha (okra). They may or may not lead to images in the future. :) But other than those, we should all be able to see the rest of the submissions without any problems. Please take your time in commenting for the veggie rangolis. We can follow the same procedure for commenting as we did for the flower/butterfly rangolis. The garden patch icon seen in subsequent pages on the right-vertical bar should lead you to the veggie-patch page site wide. If you are looking for the flower-garden rangolis, please click the kitty-"its planting time" icon from the front page. If you have questions, post them in the blog area. Enjoy! :)
Hai latha sorry to bother u here. i sent one kolam by the tag wedding day kolam for more than three times. But couldn't see it . I'm just curious to know whether u got that or not. Sorry yaar anyway that's not for the veggie garden but don't know where to ask this.
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I think I remember seeing a wedding rangoli in your account Padma. And I don't think I've replied your email yet. Sorry for the delay. I've so many emails to respond to. I've got to get to them, before I get reminders. I'll publish the rangoli in the next few days Padma. It sure looks grand. :)
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