One pattern, different designs

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The original pattern was made by Rajam. The varieties of designs seen below the original pattern, was provided by RevathiIlango, Abhijith, and Durgadeviramesh.


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Great work mam.How nicely u

Great work mam.How nicely u have exposed this homework and it shows how much u love your work in taking it a step further....keep it doing and more...All the best.......... when will u give the next assignment ???really thrilling what and whose work you are going to give the next??Star Star Star Star Star

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Beautiful work by such

Beautiful work by such talented artists! Thank you Revathi, Abhijith, and Durgadevi. Smile Love Star

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Thankyou so much mam, for

Thankyou so much mam, for given such a homework, waiting for the next one. Smile Smile Smile