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  • Copy Cat Kolam
  • once again padikolam
  • hexagonal paDikOlam
  • Designer kolam with white/kaavi kolapodi
  • paDi kOlam - 7
  • paDi kOlam - 6
  • karthigai maa kolam
  • rettai manai kolam
  • Traditional Kolam
  • Ezhai Kolam
Rangoli: Copy Cat Kolam
Created by dibbutn on 2009-08-15,

Always loved padi kolams... so this is my first attempt at Padi maavu kolam using ideas and copying designs from some of the ikolam members ... so if you find some similarity to any one of your kolams ... be sure it is a copy from your kolams. Not a very perfect one... yet felt like sharing with you all ... comments welcome

Rangoli: once again padikolam
Created by subashini on 2009-08-12,

Rajamma madam, I think this time I did it fifty percent.This kolam is in my mind for almost one month.

Rangoli: hexagonal paDikOlam
Created by jkmrao on 2009-08-08,

The paDikOlams I viewed here and elsewhere are all square only. Why not create one with hexagonal (six-fold) symmetry was the thought that occured to me. Here is the result.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Designer kolam with white/kaavi kolapodi
Created by rajamma_2 on 2009-08-08,

This was put for some function in a hurry, so u can locate some omissions and commissions. But this, my original design, I always put every now and then.

Rangoli: paDi kOlam - 7
Created by jkmrao on 2009-08-06,

One more paDi kOlam assembled from the elements of the paDikOlam kit I made Smile

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: paDi kOlam - 6
Created by jkmrao on 2009-08-05,

Most of the elements in this rangOli are from the toolkit! The only new ones are the flowers on all the four corners especially created for this and the central ashTadaLa padma. Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: karthigai maa kolam
Created by vijayaloga on 2009-07-30,

This is a padi kolam put specifically for karthikai.

Corners done like lamps..

Kolam made with wet arisimaavu(izhai kolam)

Rangoli: rettai manai kolam
Created by subashini on 2009-06-05,

This is a kind of traditional kolam.usually this kind of kolams are put on a functional day.

Rangoli: Traditional Kolam
Created by Lata on 2009-06-03,

My mom's neighbor mami's Friday Kolam.

Rangoli: Ezhai Kolam
Created by sowmyajo on 2009-06-02,

Hi all,
This is the kolam that I put for my parents' Shashtiabthapoorthi.
It is a bit smudged...still wanted to share with all of you...