dotted kolam

subashini Sun, 09/11/2011 - 22:00
Suguna Murugesan
beautiful kolam!-suguna murugesan
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How is filter coffee?Thank you for your sweet comment suguna.
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Suguna Murugesan
ha haa suba i had filter coffee with vada n masal dosa yummy dear:)-suguna murugesan
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ha, ha , ha , then your stomach is full? o.k. your pookolams are very beautiful suguna. where are you living suguna? in chennai? I am in Tambaram.
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excellent diyas... and lovely flowers.. the four corners white shade design is superb... A.Julien
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Nice kolam suba....missed u for somedays pa...
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Super kolam done by you Subha....color combo is very good.
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Thank you jullien, Rani and sowmya.yes, rani I am not feeling well.In addition to , I had gone to Erode.Thank you for remembering me.
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Padma Prakash
Beautiful dotted kolam with bright colours Suba. We always believe you dear..........
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Thank you , Thank you so much padma.Today , I am not feeling eyes are closed them self because of tired.but I am so happy because of your and rani words.
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Hey Suba dear the vilakku kolam is so well done pa... how do u manage to use curves in photoshop pa??? any hints for me. Hope your health is alright now dear and ur back to doing amazing stuff that u always do. Get well soon dear.
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Hey Suba, How r u doing dear? Get well soon. This Diya kolam has come out well. Looks like a lamp placed inside a vilakku madom. Is ur native place Erode? I was born in Erode (1980). My father was working for Southern Railways and we were in Erode for almost 20 years (1970 - 1991). We all studied in Railway Mixed High School, Railway Colony. Mahalakshmi
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asusual bright beautiful kolam is your health? take care pa.
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veena manigandan
Unable to guess it is a dotted kolam. Looks like a beautiful sticker design.
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Good deesign. like the pinnal with flower on top. rajamma
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Thank you so much pushpa, uma,maha, bala, veena,lata and rajam.pushpa , I feel better is easy to make curved lines if you use pen tool.then stroke with brush.maha, My native place is a small village in Salem.A sweet surprise is my first son also was born on 1980, October.second one is on 1983 , May.Now my sister is in Erode, working in central excise department.I went there for house warming ceremony.
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Oh I see. Salem is very near to Erode ammini (idhu ketu romba naalu aana pol irukula). I was born in May 1980. Month same as your second son and year same as your first son. Ha ha ha. May be date same as anyone else in your family. Mahalakshmi
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In which date maha?so, you have come very close.?
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