Brinjals for the Veggie patch

jkmrao Mon, 06/14/2010 - 14:39
Here comes one more person to tempt me - now you have left my mouth watering for brinjals (unfortulately I made shallot sambar today)... The most interesting pattern to me is the third one as all the dimensions in that kolam are very pretty. Thanks for the useful information that goes with the kolam too :)
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JMK sir lovely arrangement ... the first pattern reminds me of an elf with a green hat and smiling face :)... loved the third pattern, neatly arranged to give a wonderful pattern.. this pattern will look so good as a earring
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pretty clowns and the flowers....but my father does not like its less made.... :( we make special request to mom for the masala filled brinjals to have with rice rotis (roTTis)
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I guess Mr.Rao was just clowning around with the eggplants. :) I'm glad your dad doesn't like brinjals Anirudh. I was the odd one out so far, in this site, for not liking them. :)
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I think some very orthodox people don't eat brinjals. However, they too eat a particular type of brinjals with stripes. It seems some svAmIjI said they are okay :-) Regards! - mOhana
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Lovely patterns esp., the third one! Lata, I too was like you once but now Iam a big fan of சுட்ட கத்திரிக்காய் துவையல் and vaangi bath!
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The brinjal clowns look cute, but I won't buy them since the dark eyes tell me there may be some worms inside.The other patterns are also very nice esp. the third one. A simple white dot on them gives the effect of" fresh from the garden'! The 4th one has a wavy effect.In our house also we like chutta kathrikka puli pachadi. made out of GUNDU kathrikkai!! rajamma
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Nice patterns, Mohanaji:) i like the first three patterns more and the forth pattern reminds me of the slates with beads which we were using during our childhood:) It is also my favourite veggie.
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