Dotted rangoli

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A simple one for daily use in front of the house. Hope you will like it. dots 11-1 one below the other.

Rangoli: Dotted rangoli


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Padma, pattern is a good one, but I feel that the hearts could've used some space inbetween. Sometimes, too much love suffocates and can ruin relationships ; )

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Padma maam , did you use chalkpiece ? the design may be simple but i liked the kutty hearts inside the flowers

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Padma avare nice colour chalk kolam!! yes i agree with Lata!!waiting to see more of ur creations...

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Nice design, but I think the floor wants only podikolam or color rangolis. Chalk drwing gives a blurred look.

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yes, I agree with you all. I have lot many collections with me. These are my trials to upload as I was new to ikolam. I am not finding time to do with powder and Kavi as my house is getting renovated.
Thanks for the suggestions and corrections made. I will incorporate.

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Good comment lata. I really appreciated. After uploading i experienced that. But as i was new i was in a hurry hurry to upload images. keep correcting me like this.

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This looks like a 'hurry burry kolam' to me - Padma no need to hurry uploading your kolams, take your time Smile

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yes judy, i will take my own time + ur time also and definitely i will upload good one's in coming days

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Good try... Detailing could have been better..

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Padma maam nice kolam ... pls do take time and use kolapodi and kaavi podi ... it will be amazing in this floor... try it