Rangoli: Sankranti 2011
Created by swathichandu22 on 2011-10-21,

This one was for Sankranti 2011.. took about 3hrs.. filling the colors is what actually matters

Rangoli: Sankranti Kolam
Created by swathichandu22 on 2011-10-21,

Took me about 2hrs of time... This was on the day before sankranti

Rangoli: Sankranti muggu
Created by sonad on 2011-08-08,

This muggu is drawn for Sankranti festival.Sorry i forgot the count of dots becz it was drawn by me 3years back.

Rangoli: Sikku-kolam-22
Created by Padma Prakash on 2011-03-16,

This was the kolam done on the sankranti day. Uploading a bit late. Better late than never. Hope u all like it.

Rangoli: Rangoli
Created by Bhavyaram on 2010-10-12,

I had participated in the competition during Sankranti (Pongal)....Let me know your views...Thank u....

Rangoli: Sankrathi 2010
Created by anup on 2010-09-28,

Bird in rangoli.... With nice color combination. Started with circle, got a bird shape and filled with nice combination......

Rangoli: SAnkranthi kolam

This was done by my neighbour,
i thought of sharing with you. This is a free hand kolam
You can show your creativity to apply the colors.
I took this pic long back, so the quality was little bad. But hope to share with you people and add to my gallery.

Rangoli: sankranti rangoli 3
Created by mvrajitha on 2010-04-13,

The rangoli was drawn on "Sankranti" in the other gate of my house. Suggestions please.

Rangoli: Sankranti rangoli
Created by mvrajitha on 2010-04-12,

This rangoli is drawn on Sankranti by my neighbours and I uploaded here to view and comment

Rangoli: Sankranti rangoli
Created by mvrajitha on 2010-04-08,

After a long time I am uploading this rangoli. I put these on sankranti day and the dot count is 23-5-5. Suggestions please.