Small Kolams

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This is small kolams drawn on a paper, it is useful to beginners.


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bhAratIjI, the basic motif

bhAratIjI, the basic motif you described is mathematically quite important.
That is the only way you can join eight corners in a continuous fashion.
The other way is drawing two squares at 45 degrees. But the figure is not
continuously drawn. Actually I took this as the base for one of my poetry
patterns. You can join this pattern continuously to give a mat-like appearance.
I'll upload that file sometime later. I have too many in queue as latAji
indicated Smile Good work! Regards! - mOhana

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Did I say that, what was I

Did I say that, what was I thinking?!
Let me rephrase, I would rather have more in the ikolam queue than your own! Smile
So, please, go ahead, the pot should keep filled, I take that as a blessing! A blessing from all of you generous friends of ikolam!
I would've to thank the Lord.

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Bharathi, all your rangolis

Bharathi, all your rangolis are very nice, for beginers the way in which you hv shown base for these kolams is really nice,