Times of india margazhi kolam contest

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Hi friends please view this link ....times of india (17/12/2011)../chennai times /page no.3... http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Client.asp?Daily=TOICH&showST=true&login=default&pub=TOI&Enter=true&Skin=TOINEW&AW=1324084659778
The page is for subscribers only, so can not open it. Regards! - mOhana
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oho...matter goes like this.... While Margazhi is often associated with the music season, especially in namma Chennai, it is also the season of kolams, when drawing intricate dots, lines and motifs becomes an artistic endeavour providing a pleasant sight for the sleep-ridden eyes in the morning. If you are one of the many who take delight in weaving those elaborate patterns, here’s your chance to be recognized for your talents. Yes, the Times Margazhi Kolam Contest is back and it is time to get ready with your kola podi and colour podis. Our panel of judges will select the best among the entries received and every week, for the next four weeks, we will be announcing a winner, who will be awarded a silk sari worth 25,000. In the final week, readers of the best 25 entries received during the four weeks will be called for a grand finale. The prize sponsor for the event is Kumaran Silks
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Oh...thanks laksh...i too saw it today in TOI... :)
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All the best for those who wish to participate... :)
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thanks for d details laksh,, all d best participants
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