Rangoli: vaikunta ekadasi kolam
Created by Abhijith Vijayakumar on 2015-03-22,

This is a peacock and sangu kolam with 21-11 dots drawn on vaikunta EkadasiRangoli 21-11 intermediate dots: vaikunta Ekadasi by Abhijith Vijayakumar

Rangoli: Ugadi 2015
Created by abhijith on 2015-03-20,

This is a dotted kolam which i tried to bring in lotus,deepam and sangu in a single unit for this ugadi..
Happy Ugadi....Rangoli 13-7 intermediate dots: Ugadi 2015 by abhijith

Rangoli: sangu lotus kolam
Created by Durgadeviramesh on 2015-03-12,

peruma sorga vasal day i draw sangu lotus kolam.
Rangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): sangu lotus kolam by Durgadeviramesh

Rangoli: colourful sangu kolam
Created by Durgadeviramesh on 2015-03-05,

How is my sangu kolam friendsRangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): colourful sangu kolam by Durgadeviramesh

Rangoli: Vaikunta Ekadhasi kolam
Created by thilakalakshmi on 2014-01-29,

This is freehand kolam with Sangu Chakkaram in between.

Rangoli: pAnchajanya - ShriKrishna's Conch
Created by anirudh on 2013-12-23,

There is a rain of marghaLi rangolis, hence i could not wait to add one from my side :). Here is the famous Conch/ Shanku Rangoli, with a little change. As usual drawn & colored in PS.

Dots: 15 X 8 - intermediate.

Rangoli: Sangu kolam
Created by Nicko Pillay on 2013-05-23,

Dotted kolam. Time 1 hour

Rangoli: MARGAZHI KOLAM 08.1.2013
Created by CRVENKATARAO on 2013-01-07,

Good morning! This is a 15 to 8 intermediate dots conch kolam.
Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed. Make everyday your best day.
Have a nice day! Smile

Rangoli: Dotted Sangu, Ahal Vilakku and Poo kolam
Created by gvpriya on 2012-12-02,

I had put this kolam for Deepavali...hope you all like it. I like the concept of this kolam- sangu for Vishnu, ahal vilakkus for the "festival of lights" and poo design that further adds to its beauty.

Eagerly waiting to hear your opinion...


Rangoli: Sanku kolam
Created by aarchi on 2012-08-27,

Friends i put this sanku kolam recently, your views please.