Golu contest 2010

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  • Navaratri Golu Contest 2010
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Rangoli: Golu photo
Created by anu_ramgopal on 2010-10-19,

This is my Navarathri Golu with
5 steps. The kolam in the picture was made by me
for navarathri.

Rangoli: golu 2010
Created by boons on 2010-10-19,

highlight of this year golu is Durga maa decorated in kuthu vilakku
Here is the other entry:

Rangoli: Golu Contest
Created by radha.vijaykumar on 2010-10-18,

Uploading the pictures of golu kept at our home for th navarathiri 2010.

Rangoli: 15 Step Golu in NJ
Created by jyothy.padmanabhan on 2010-10-18,

Here is our 15 step golu. We hope you enjoy the pictures

Rangoli: Navaratri 2010 - Kollu Pictures
Created by seema manikantasubramanian on 2010-10-18,

Five Steps Kollu

Kalyana Mandapam(to the left of Kollu)

Saptha-Dhanya Rangoli(to the right of Kollu)

Park and Bronx Zoo(to the right of Kollu)

Rangoli: Navrathri golu contest
Created by rajamma_2 on 2010-10-18,

Lata, This year I was in chennai to celebrate Navrathri celebration with my sister inlaw. In their house they keep Golu for so many years. The dolls are more than 50 years old.I am sending the Golu picture for the contest, since my contribution is there in putting the Hrudhaya kamalam kolam with wet maavu and flower petals and the decorations with lamps. I do not know if it canbe included in the contest. Otherwise u can publish it in the normal way.
Here is the second entry: http://www.ikolam.com/node/16348

Rangoli: Kolu Arrangement and Kalasha Alankaram
Created by Chethan Srinivasan on 2010-10-18,


Kolu arrangemet done at home in Bangalore for Navarathri this year.

Rangoli: Navaratri Golu Contest 2010
Created by Janakannan on 2010-10-18,

I tried a different way of arranging my padis. I usually have 7 padis and with my increasing dolls, I needed more space and so thought of something different and created another set of padi to the side and connected them with a single padi. This is my main Golu. To the side I have a theme golu. This year my theme is Ramayana with 12 scenes. The photo here is the main Golu

Rangoli: Golu photo
Created by veena manigandan on 2010-10-18,

I have kept in two one in standard padi and other one arranged with our furniture and fittings.

Rangoli: My pics for Golu contest
Created by jaanu on 2010-10-18,

Though we dont celebrate this Golu , during dussehra.. We made this goddess arrangement for navarathri. So thought of sharing for the contest.